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About one-page profiles


One-page profiles are the foundation of personalisation, and can lead to positive change for people, whatever their age or circumstances. They capture the important information about a person on a single sheet of paper; including what is important to them, what people appreciate about them, and how they want to be supported.


The purpose of a one-page profile


The purpose of a one-page profile and a person-centred description is to provide a summary of person-centred information that people in the person's life can use to either get to know them quickly, or ensure that they are providing consistent support in the way that the person wants. They are not the latest way to produce 'good paper', but by considering what is important to and for a person, and what good support looks like, they are a way to create actions that make a difference. It also provides the information to use to base conversations about what is working and not working in the person's life. Even where someone is not supported by services, this information can still be important to record and share in this way.




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